ImpactConnect Hosted Fax

Our easy-to-use ImpactConnect Hosted Fax solution streamlines your faxing experience to increase your business communications capabilities!

Send and receive faxes

Web based portal
and email utilization

Fax management

Custom cover pages

ImpactConnect Hosted Fax is simple to maintain, easy to operate, and is accessible from any mobile device! Access your ImpactConnect Hosted Fax solution in the web-based portal and send and receive faxes via email!

   Send and receive faxes through your email    Access from anywhere on any device    Unlimited inbound faxes    Prompt notifications for received and sent faxes    Affordable and efficient

Upgrade your fax solution to ImpactConnect Hosted Fax and replace outdated fax equipment and increase your personalization options.

   Custom cover pages    Professional and personalized business image

ImpactConnect Hosted Fax has 3 plans available to suit your business needs!

ImpactConnect Hosted Fax

  • Inbound only fax solution
  • Unlimited inbound faxes

ImpactConnect Hosted Fax Plus

  • Inbound and outbound fax solution
  • Unlimited inbound faxes and 150 outbound fax pages

ImpactConnect Hosted Fax Plus with Transport Layer Security

  • Secure inbound and outbound fax solution that supports HIPAA compliance
  • Unlimited inbound faxes and 150 outbound fax pages

Additional outbound fax pages are $0.069 per page.
*ImpactConnect Hosted Fax Plus and ImpactConnect Hosted Fax Plus with TLS only.
Outbound fax pages can only be sent to the U.S. and Canada.

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