Call Management Features

Call management features

Manage your calls

Automatic Callback/Redial

Call Hold and Retrieve

Call Return

Last Number Redial

Direct Voicemail Transfer

How it Works

Configure your preferences to manage and prioritize your calls, ensuring that your features are accessible.


Call Management Features enable you to customize how you want to process incoming calls and place outgoing calls.

Feature What it Does How to Use
Automatic Callback/Redial Automatically calls back or redials the last number from which an incoming call was received Dial *69
Call Hold and Retrieve Holds and resumes a call Press the Hold soft key
Call Return Enables the user to place an outgoing call to the last number they received an incoming call from Dial *69
Last Number Redial Redials the last number an outgoing call was placed to Device dependent or access via the web portal
Direct Voicemail Transfer Directly transfers a call to voicemail Dial *99 and the extension

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