Extension Dialing Features

Extension Dialing Features

Make calls to and from internal and external extensions

E911 Service

Phone Number

External Call Transfer

Local Calls

Long Distance Calls

International Calls

How it Works

Dial extension numbers to connect with phones inside and outside of your company’s hosted PBX.


The Extension Dialing Features easily enable you to make internal, local, long distance, and international calls. Extensions within the hosted PBX are centrally connected so additional telephone lines are not required to be configured.

Feature What it Does How to Use
E911 Service Sends a user’s registered telephone number and address to the local emergency location center Dial 911
Phone Number Enables a user to receive and make calls Device and service dependent
External Call Transfer Transfers calls to external phone numbers Press the Transfer soft key on the phone followed by the area code and phone number
Local Calls Receives and places local calls Dial area code and phone number
Long Distance Calls Receives and places long distance calls Dial area code and phone number
International Calls

Receives and places international calls

Dial 011, the country code, the city code, and the 10-digit phone number

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