Outgoing Call Features

Outgoing Call Features

Manage outgoing calls

Line ID Blocking

Personal Phone List

Speed Dial

Call Transfer (Announce and Blind)

How it Works

Configure your preferences to make outgoing calls quickly and easily.


The Outgoing Call Features save time by enabling you to quickly and conveniently get in touch with your most important contacts.

Feature What it Does How to Use
Line ID Blocking Blocks a user’s caller ID when an outgoing call is placed Set up by the Account Administrator
Personal Phone List Stores phone numbers and contacts Edit via the web portal
Speed Dial Dials an assigned contact Set up using the Directories soft key on the phone or via the web portal
Call Transfer (Announce and Blind) Relocates an existing call to another phone number with or without an announcement Press the Transfer soft key and dial the number you wish to transfer the call to. If blind transferring a call, press the Transfer soft key followed by the Blind soft key and the number you wish to transfer the call to

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