Q: What equipment do I need to access ImpactConnect Hosted PBX?

Lingo offers a variety of business-class phones for you to choose from to bundle with your ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service. You will need one of these business-class phones to access your ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service. Click here to learn more about the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX Polycom phones available.

Q: What kind of phones are available with ImpactConnect Hosted PBX?

ImpactConnect Hosted PBX offers a wide variety of high-quality Polycom phone such as the Polycom VVX 201, Polycom VVX300, Polycom VVX400, Polycom VVX500, and Polycom VVX600. Click here to learn more about the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX Polycom phones available.

Q: Can I use my own hardware or software application with ImpactConnect Hosted PBX?

With ImpactConnect Hosted PBX, you won't need your old hardware or software. This is a bundled offering with Lingo providing both the PBX and high quality Polycom enterprise-level phones. Let us upgrade your phone system to give you access to the latest features and benefits.

Q: What if I take my business-class phone to another location; will my ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service still work?

Yes, you can take your phone to any location where there is an active broadband internet connection to which you can connect your business-class phone. Your phone requires a physical connection to the network that is providing the internet connection. Please note there may be certain local area network settings such as firewalls or other restrictions which may block access to a required range of IPs.

Q: I am having problems with my hardware. What should I do?

Check our phone manual guides here to see if your issue could be resolved by simple troubleshooting. If you are unable to fix the problem after reading your phone manual, please contact Customer Support.

Q: Does ImpactConnect Hosted PBX require an Internet connection?

Yes, ImpactConnect Hosted PBX requires an internet connection.

Q: Does ImpactConnect Hosted PBX include internet service?

No, ImpactConnect Hosted PBX is offered as an Over-the-Top solution, allowing you to choose your own internet provider. ImpactConnect Hosted PBX is meant to work with your existing internet connection.

Q: What is the different between IP-enabled phones and analog phones?

IP-enabled phones use the internet to transmit a digital voice signal. Analog phones use traditional copper lines (POTS) to transmit voice signal.

Q: Can I use my own answering machine?

Yes. You can use your own answering machine, although why would you want to when you can manage your voicemail through our easy-to-use portal and route your voicemails right to your email inbox? If you want to use your own answering machine you will need to disable voicemail. This can be achieved through the portal in the Messages tab by simply unchecking the Enable Voicemail box.

Q: How does my phone receive power?

Most phones can receive power in one of two ways: via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or dedicated power supplies per phone. All business-class phones provided by Lingo support PoE as a power-delivery method and are available with a dedicated power supply as an option. Lingo does not provide a PoE switch (a regular Ethernet switch designed to deliver power to the downstream devices).

Q: Can I make or receive calls during power outages with ImpactConnect Hosted PBX?

As with most enterprise phone systems, ImpactConnect requires power in order to function. Your service will not work without power and a functioning internet connection.

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