Q: How do I learn more about ImpactConnect Hosted Fax?

ImpactConnect Hosted Fax is the affordable fax solution for your business. Click here to learn more about ImpactConnect Hosted fax.

Q: What is my fax number?

Your ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service may include a dedicated fax line. Your fax number will be communicated to you at the time of service implementation.

Q: Will ImpactConnect Hosted PBX work with my fax machine or alarm system?

ImpactConnect Hosted PBX utilizes VoIP to give you the best possible phone service with advance features. VoIP services do not support traditional systems such as fax machines or alarm systems. Lingo offers other, traditional telephone solutions for those systems such as local phone service (POTS) and long distance.

Q: How can I send and receive faxes?

At your request, incoming faxes are received via PDF and delivered to your inbox just like your voicemails or you can check out our hosted fax solution, ImpactConnect Hosted Fax.

Click here to learn more about ImpactConnect Hosted Fax.

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