Q: What is ImpactConnect Hosted PBX?

ImpactConnect Hosted PBX is a cloud-based, full-featured business class phone system. It includes unlimited local and domestic long distance with competitive international long distance calling rates, making it the perfect voice communication solution for businesses of any size.

Q: What are the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service plans?

ImpactConnect Hosted PBX is flexible to suit your business needs. Click here for more information about the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service options.

Q: Who is Lingo?

Lingo is a leader in the telecommunications market delivering flexible and effective solutions to carriers, businesses, and homes. Lingo is dedicated to innovation, affordability, and execution and has provided high quality communications services for more than 25 years.

Q:How many customers does Lingo have?

Lingo is a leading telecommunications provider to over half a million business, residential and carrier customers. Our network carries billions of minutes, messages and transactions each month.

Q: Why should I choose ImpactConnect Hosted PBX?

With ImpactConnect Hosted PBX, any size business can have a world-class phone system with leading features at an extremely competitive price. Learn about our benefits and features here.

Q: How reliable is ImpactConnect Hosted PBX?

Lingo uses a nationwide network with built-in redundancy. Your new ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service is extremely reliable and backed by a company with more than 25 years of experience providing advanced communications systems to businesses around the world.

Q: What are the benefits of ImpactConnect Hosted PBX?

ImpactConnect Hosted PBX is backed by Lingo, with a network composed of fully-redundant internet connections, routers, switches, servers, and storage that together host the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service. Click here to learn more about the benefits of ImpactConnect Hosted PBX.

Q: Does ImpactConnect Hosted PBX replace my current phone system?

Yes, ImpactConnect Hosted PBX is a full replacement for your expensive, outdated phone system. We provide the hosted PBX service and offer a wide range of suitable Polycom IP phones that are certified to work with our system.

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