Coverage Area

Q: Is ImpactConnect Hosted PBX available in my area?

Lingo offers service nationwide. Contact our Sales Team at 888-445-4646 to check availability in your area.

Q: Is the service available to customers outside of the continental United States?

Yes, Alaska and Hawaii are available. However, you will need a US service address in order to use our service.

Q: Is the service available outside the United States?

ImpactConnect Hosted PBX will function anywhere in the world as long as there is a working broadband internet connection. However, we only offer US telephone numbers, and will only ship equipment to US addresses.

Q: Can I use the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX service in other countries?

As long as you have an internet connection you can use your ImpactConnect Hosted PBX virtually anywhere. However, the quality of service depends on the quality and speed of the internet connection as well as your ability to access specific IP addresses. In addition, Lingo only supports operation of the service in the United States.

You can also use ImpactConnect Hosted PBX from the mobile app while connected to the internet. Click here for more information about the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX App.

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