How to Receive a Fax

All inbound faxes sent to your ImpactConnect Hosted fax number will be delivered to the email address you provided Impact Telecom when you first signed up for you ImpactConnect Hosted Fax service and the ImpactConnect Hosted Fax Portal.

You must verify that the Fax Mail with .pdf attachment distribution option is selected in the portal in order to receive inbound faxes as email transactions.

How to verify that inbound faxes will be received as email transactions

  1. Log in to the ImpactConnect Hosted Fax portal at
  2. Click or tap the Profile tab and select Notifications from the drop down menu.
  3. Confirm that Fax Mail w/ .pdf attachment is selected with the correct email address. If this is not selected, make the selection, enter the correct email address, and click or tap Update Changes. You will see a message that your update was successfully made.

How to receive faxes via email

  1. You will receive an email with a notification that a fax has been received.
  2. Open the attached inbound fax. The inbound fax will be a .pdf file.