How to send a fax

  1. Log into your email account that you provided Lingo when you first signed up for your ImpactConnect Hosted Fax service. This would be the email address that your setup information was sent to.
  2. Create a new email message.
  3. In the "To" field, type the 10-digit number that you are faxing to be followed by For example, if you are faxing to 5552221212, then you would type
  4. The content of the email will be the default fax cover page. Enter the appropriate information or see the instructions below for how to include a custom fax cover page.
  5. Attach the document(s) to send via your ImpactConnect Hosted Fax service. The attached document(s) will be sent following the cover page and can only be sent in the following formats: 
    Microsoft Word
     Adobe PDF
  6. Click Send. You will receive a confirmation email that your fax was successfully sent. If an outbound fax was not succesfully sent, you will be notified via an error email.